Going retro with music n pics

In the corner of a cupboard, sat a small rectangle box with a pair of fluffy headphones. It had been laid to rest over a decade ago. But one afternoon it was found and brought back to life.

The best bit was not just discovering this piece of personal history but would you believe – it still worked! The batteries in it were true to their tag line of being able to “go on, and on, and on”. Despite the fact that they should’ve expired in 2001. Walking along the street with my monster walkman was fun especially when compared with the tiny music players and slim smartphones that exist now.

It's a rectangle box of music
It’s a rectangle box of music

This little adventure through the house also resulted in the discovery of a camera which still had undeveloped film in it.

Back in a different decade going to pick up photos was exciting. It was all about the anticipation of seeing how moments had been captured. I couldn’t wait to see what would be revealed. But first I had to finish the film. This was amusing especially when I asked a waiter to take a group photo. He struggled with holding the camera and looking through a view finder.

Collecting the photos from the pharmacy was a lovely surprise. I was looking back to slightly blurry images taken in 2007. The negatives had slightly disintegrated. A throwback to another time.

A high flying kick caught on camera film
A high flying kick caught on camera film in 2007

Finding the camera and walkman reminded me of how far things have come. I do love taking photos and am glad that smartphones let us take images instantly and we can now share them so easily. Digital music has certainly changed the way we listen to our favourite tracks.


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