Walking boosts creativity on stay-cation

Walking in a different part of your neighbourhood can be as good as a vacation. Honestly. It can also make you a bit more creative.

Everyone needs a bit of inspiration now and then. We can’t all sit under a tree like Isaac Newton to be hit on the head by an apple. There is a less painful option of going for a walk.

Here’s the bit you can quote. Researchers at Stanford University published this study which found:

  • 81% of participants increased their creativity after walking.
  • Creativity for walkers was increased by 60% compared to those who sat.
  • The creativity boost from walking lasted for a short time after the stroll ended.
  • Going for multiple walks boosts creativity even further.

You’ve got the top tips now. Go on, get out there and take a stroll just like I did one sunny Sunday. I went for a meander along the Thames by Kew Bridge.

Sailing in West London not a sight you see everyday
Riverside views

There were sail boats out on the river giving the whole scene a real holiday vibe. There were some pretty homes which looked all the more beautiful bathed in brilliant sunshine. The best bit was this little trip didn’t involve packing a suitcase.

A lilac home
Not the side of London I usually see
A slightly nautical looking home

I went home feeling ready to unleash a bit of creativity.




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