Happy is a place called Denmark

Who doesn’t want a piece of the happy pie? This year the song Happy by Pharrell Williams was my summer anthem. I remember hearing it while walking through a shopping centre. I came so very close to busting a dance move for the fun of it.

Apart from random dance moves another thing I associate with being happy is travelling. Now where would you go to find your slice of delicious happy? Copenhagen of course! C’mon, it’s home to Danish pastries those delectable baked goods that are the breakfast choice for some. And for the purposes of this post it’s also famed for being one of the happiest countries on the planet. So that’s where Pamela, Tiffany and I, headed for a weekend.

A couple of Danish pastries sitting next to a Bastardo Coffee. Yes, that really IS the rather risqué name of the beverage.

Well, one of the keys for making Denmark such a happy country is trust. It has been ranked as the least corrupt country in the world (in joint first place with New Zealand).

Yes, but what does that trust look like to a traveller? It looks like the zero security that the Danish royal palace has. I mean from where I was standing I could see into the windows of the palace. I was also told that the Danish royal family are often seen taking their bikes out for a ride in the city amongst the people.

This statue in the courtyard of the palace had more fencing than the palace itself.
This statue in the courtyard of the palace had more fencing than the palace itself.

The people of Copenhagen not only have bike riding royals but they also know how to dress up a construction site. In the middle of the city we found the #HappyWall. The #HappyWall is made up of coloured boards that can be flipped to make patterns and you can write on the boards too. The interactive art installation was created by Danish artist Thomas Dambo. We took a great liking to it.

The #HappyWall with it's flipping pictures
The #HappyWall with it’s flipping pictures. Pam looks on, ready to create something as photographed by Tiffany.

My absolute favourite place also in the heart of Copenhagen was Tivoli Gardens. It’s an amusement park, concert venue, open air theatre and landscaped gardens all rolled into one. It was a really magical place with storybook buildings and an air of enchantment. It evoked the spirit of Danish fairytale author Hans Christian Andersen who wrote amongst other titles “The Little Mermaid” and “The Ugly Duckling”.

It’s a no filter photo of musical guards marching through Tivoli Gardens courtesy of Tiffany.
Imagine a landscaped wonderland in the middle of your home town? Dreamy!

When you’re looking for a tasty treat and a fairytale break Copenhagen is the city for you.


  1. And that’s not to mention the fact that everyone who lives there is so beautiful it makes your eyes hurt.


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