Ten years and a troll

It has been years since I last updated this blog. Every time I pay for my WordPress subscription, I feel like one of those people who has a gym membership but never goes. But to be fair, we’ve lived through a pandemic (Is it over yet?).

Some things need marking, and it was around this time of year that I published my first post. I was pretty adamant that it was pointless. Ten years ago, when I was a freelance journalist my managing editor kept telling me I should start a blog.

“But there’s already so many,” I whined. And he sagely replied, “Just in the same way that every London rush hour commuter has a workplace to be, your blog has a place too.” Well, that’s how I remember the conversation. I still wasn’t convinced, but I took his good advice.

The streets of London have a lot to say

It’s been a journey and one I am glad I have written – even though my posting is sporadic. It’s easy to be a consumer as there’s so much good quality content waiting to be watched or listened to. Creating can easily take a back seat. But there’s something special about sharing thoughts that have, for me, occasionally sparked conversations. And one time, a rather amusing encounter as I couldn’t remember the post a senior colleague was referring to in my first meeting with him.

My blog has opened doors, and most recently, I had the not-so-fun experience of a troll. I’ve arrived.

Random afterthought: I salute the ambition of No.1 Coffee shop


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