Screensaver reality – Point Lobos #EarthDay

Some people are in your life for a season, and some people are actual seasons – their sunny disposition lights up rooms. My uncle errs towards being actual sunshine. I’ve seen people change as he lifts the mood of all in his immediate vicinity, a bit like what I imagine it is like to be around Will Smith.

We were on a family road trip with our favourite Punjabi brunch food parontay (buttery flat bread, like pancakes minus the eggs) and flasks of cha (that’s tea made by boiling milk with spices). There was a happy playlist of mutually appreciated music and we all had ascribed to having a jolly attitude like the intrepid explorers that we are.

Our intended route was the 17 Mile Scenic Drive with the highlight being the Lone Cyprus Tree, it meanders along the golden coastline of California.  We wanted to show my mum the views but she’s one of those people who is happy with just being with us all, we could show her anything and she would be all cool and smiley.

Back to the adventure, so we had either taken a wrong turning or for some other reason (which escapes me) stopped to talk to a park ranger (no Yogi Bear). And this is the part that my cousin and I watch in wonder as Mr Park Ranger started offering helpful unsolicited advice to my sunny uncle. Mr Park Ranger suggested we skip the scenic drive because it’s going to be busy and instead go check out Point Lobos. We thanked him and followed his directions to Point Lobos. But Point what? Well, alright why not? We’re explorers.

DSC04512 - Version 2
Point Lobos – place to be marvelled

This kind of recommendation is pretty typical of my uncle. He’s the kind of guy who has airline staff helping him skip airport queues so he doesn’t miss a flight because the niece chose the wrong queue. I’m British, we love a queue as much as we love fish n chips.

Back to the Point. Have you ever seen a view so awe-inspiringly spectacular that you feel like you’re in some kind of virtual reality? A photoshopped perfection from someone’s imagination. This place was next level – AMAZING!!! The flora, fauna and there was even bambi-like little deer (sorry reader, I only managed to photograph bambi’s butt). It was all like a screensaver.

Sun. sea and surf to heal the soul

The walks along the rocks were uneven and a bit tricky but nothing to challenging. It looked the ideal location for the final fight scene between the defender of the universe and the evil pollution thingy – yeah, I’m trying to jam in #EarthDay.

Anyway, I remember looking out at Point Lobos and just wanting to swallow the beauty to digest later and burp the memory later preferably on a regular Tuesday afternoon. How is it that nature creates such beauty and we as the human race seem hell-bent on polluting and/or destroying her magnificence?

Tree branches framing the ocean

It was #EarthDay this week and I’m happy to say I have not concussed myself like last year, Instead this year I’m thinking of how we’re annihilating nearly all that mother nature has offered us. Please can someone get David Attenborough to save the planet? He got us to stop using plastic straws! (And maybe he could sort out Brexit too?).

Flowers of all kinds leading to the best kind of coast


  1. What a gorgeous view! And here’s a Hell Yes to David Attenborough sorting out both the world and Brexit. He totally can.


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