Racing up the steps Rocky style

Stepping quickly up the stairs to the fourth floor of the office is the best end to a lunchtime in the park. There was me going at a steady pace when behind me came a Business Suit who quickly caught up to my level. There was a quick acknowledgement with a game-on grin as we both sped up and got into a race. I have no idea who this guy was but there was no way he was beating me. I was going to have my Rocky moment at the top.

Ready, set, sprint
Ready, set, sprint

I do believe there just isn’t enough racing for the fun of it. The only time I see adults running, it usually involves public transport as commuters dive, push or fly into tube carriages or across roads when the traffic lights are about to go from red to green.

The occasional sprint for the joy of it – is exhilarating.

And to end here are a few words from the great man himself.


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