The secret to Bruce Lee’s one inch punch

Snap! The sound of wood splitting into two brings great satisfaction especially when it is your bare hands that did it.

Being able to break things doesn’t take great genius. Drop a plate and it will smash into smithereens. When it comes to striking a break-board (specially designed board used by martial artists to practice technique) there is method to the madness. Before I go on to reveal the secret, I will say – don’t try this at home.

To break wood focus on hitting a point behind it. Go through the target. The moral of the story is when you’re aiming for something, go beyond your goal. It’s a bit like the saying, “Reach for the moon, if you miss it you will land in the stars”.

They know the secret to the one inch punch


  1. bizarrely, my dear old pops demonstrated this for me once, using my 10yr old self as the board while i was holding a pouffe in front of my chest. not sure what he thought was going to happen but i flew across the kitchen. despite the shock there was no damage done and i do indeed have an understanding of the power that can go into a one inch punch!


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