A drive-by with a difference

So, I was walking along the street in broad daylight, kind of dressed down, on the main road.

A car drives by with the young driver shouting: “Do you want to go for a drink sometime?”

Strange but true. Did he expect me to chase his car? Or should I have noted his number plate, and then phoned the DVLA asking:“Hi, please could I have the name and address of the (weirdo) registered driver. He’s has invited me out to drinks.” Nope never going to happen.

An ice cream would be much more preferable
An ice cream would be much more preferable to a drink


  1. LMHO!!!!! Admit it, you married this guy-right??? And have two beautiful kids, live in a detached house, with a white fence …


  2. hahaha…people keep asking you crazy questions!! haha…but think about it! questions make you know what you want and what you don’t want!! and when you know what you want, your belief is stronger and when your belief is stronger, no one can hold you down!!!! so, let more questions come!! haha


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