A cliche for every occasion

‘Don’t worry be happy’, because at the end of the day today’s trouble will be nothing but a memory tomorrow. After all you get what you need but not necessarily what you want.

There are times when a good piece of advice helps you see things in a new light. For those other times there is a bland platitude that encapsulates a universal truth but has no real flavour. So, for today’s entry I’m going to keep it short and sweet and end by asking what’s your most irritating, ahem, I mean favourite cliche?

It's not quite a cliche
It’s not quite a cliche


  1. “birds of a feather flock together” I know it’s kinda true but what if it just trying to help someone !!! Does that make you part of that flock? If someone’s gone of the rails and ur trying to save them, doesn’t mean ur the same as them right?! People use these things in the wrong context sometimes I think that annoys me more than anything! End of rant. LOL


  2. I would say “A bird doesn’t make spring”…
    It does!!!! You need to be happy for every small exciting thing you get, appreciate the good things in life!!! Even if it’s just a little bird… no!?


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