George Clooney offers his seat to Samantha Brick

The age of chivalry lives on – I’ve seen the evidence. It happened on a Monday morning tube ride in the rush hour to the office. The memories of the weekend lingered in a haze around me as my fellow passengers and myself clicked back into the work week routine.

An empty tube platform the opposite of the sardine commute
An empty tube platform the opposite of the sardine commute

Before I go on I must say that the law of the underground, much like the law of the jungle, states that a tube journey is all about the survival of the fittest. This is demonstrated in seat-competition. People standing will pounce on a space to rest in a bid to get away from the madness of the sardine-like commuter crush which can include such joys as elbows in your face.

In my early morning daze, I had failed to spot a seat that had been left vacant right next to me. My path was blocked by George Clooney well it was London’s answer to the charming Hollywood superstar. The said gentleman was very dapper with his sharp grey suit looking very much like a silver fox.

I politely asked if I could take the seat to which he shook his head and pointed. I guessed there must be a passenger in need or maybe an acquaintance of his for whom he was saving the spot. Wrong. The old charmer was actually asking a rather glamorous blonde lady, in the style of the infamous Samantha Brick, who was tucked away near the door. She declined the offer as between her and the seat there was a whole cavalcade of commuters. I did feel bad as he had been rejected but the seat was mine following a side step and smirk. It’s nice to see that courteous acts continue even when you’re not the intended beneficiary.

So, what’s your tube journey story?

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