The memory clinic questions Bibi-g

The memory clinic sounds like the kind of place one can relive the good times of yesteryear. In my reality it was the place my mum and I, took Bibi-g (my nan) to be treated for her Alzheimer’s.

The treatment involves using questions to diagnose and monitor a patients progress. The doctor asked in English, “Who is the Prime Minister?” I then translated this into Punjabi for Bibi-g. She replied: “I don’t know. Surely you should know as you’re British.” The question wasn’t lost in translation but it was lost in cultural priorities.

Back at home Bibi-g always had some rather funny replies to questions. For example, if I thought Bibi-g was sleeping I would ask her if she was awake. Her retort would be, “Who said I was sleeping? Only my eyes are closed.” I love that line as it was one of her favourite comebacks.

Alzheimer’s changed Bibi-g in many ways over the years but the one thing it could not take away was her razor sharp wit.

The memory clinic would have fun questioning the turtle of time
The memory clinic would have fun questioning a turtle

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