When a shoe is not just a shoe

Beautiful rejected shoes
Beautiful rejected shoes

A shoe can also be a heat-seeking missile especially when you’re a child being chased by one angry parent. It may seem rather un-pc when nowadays discipline involves the naughty step. There was a time not to long ago when a good old slipper was the weapon of choice.

The experience isn’t exclusive to me as one of my favourite comedians Russell Peters speaks of the phenomenon.

I remember when one particular pair of shoes were made to “disappear” never to be seen again. It was a strategy that worked and saved me.

However even more frightening than the shoe was the death stare. An excited child could be frozen in motion with one look and the, “Wait till I get you home” silencer line. I think Hollywood should make a movie about parents with superpowers although I suppose ‘The Incredibles” is probably the closest thing.


  1. headmaster at my primary school had a ‘magic slipper’ that legend had it would come and beat you if you misbehaved, the threat alone was certainly enough to stop us!


  2. The ‘death stare’, eat your heart out J.K Rowling! 😉 Scary shiz, and all too familiar. Did you put the slippers back so that your Mum wouldn’t use the superpowers again?


  3. Love it! Sometimes a weapon wasn’t even needed, parents just needed their hands (on most occasions the back of their hands… lol)


  4. a shoe just isn’t a shoe….and neither is a belt or a wooden spoon…..and a pinch isn’t just to say you’re cute……this post brings back childhood memories as I am a product of immigrant parents as well. can totally relate to this….great post


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