A pecking car vandal on my street

Tea towels, immobilisers, alarms and trackers all ensure cars are kept safe. This was certainly true for my street.

A friend of mine was dropping me home when she noticed that all the cars on my road had tea towels wrapped around the windscreen wipers. Why is this? I had to explain that tea towels were essential in protecting the wipers from the errant crow. The feathered delinquent liked to pick and would destroy wipers.

There’s no reasoning with a crow who has his own special kind of road rage.

A bird of the non vandalising variety
A bird of the non vandalising variety


  1. Hahaha! Maybe you and your neighbours should all pitch in for a scarecrow… p.s are you allowed to say p*ck on here?


  2. I think I’ll be buying you a slingshot for your next birthday. Although please don’t take out any windscreens. You might need to have the patience of Attenborough and wait till it’s perched back in its natural habitat in the trees.


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