The right turn into the future

Marty McFly, Doctor Who, my friend Jaini and I have all time travelled.

It was really late one night past the unholy hour of midnight when Jaini and I began our journey. We were travelling from the East of London, having visited a friend’s house, to the West on the link road that is the good old A406.

The dinner party had finished late so with the aid of my trusty sat nav we ventured home. The car turned right and the journey time jumped from one hour to two. It seemed to be an impossible increase of minutes as I had followed the instructions. We sat in the car perplexed questioning the direction the car was going in and looking at the time.

A few minutes later there was a “Eureka!” moment when we both realised the clocks had gone forward. Hello Springtime! We went from one season to the next without breaking the speed limit.

Sprinkling of spring flowers
Sprinkling of spring flowers


  1. haha once on way to party my sat nav re-set itself to take us back home! equally confusing as it wanted us to turn back the opposite direction ! was it a sign saying i should go home.. this was the night i developed acute tonsilitis whilst at the party!


  2. Brilliant story. Can’t say I’ve ever experienced something like that before, but it does get you thinking.


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