Listening but not hearing

There seems to an audio scrabbling device across the desks in the office which has made for some amusing interpretations of opinions. I heard the most odd insult, “She’s a rat.” However the actual words used were, “She think’s she is all that.” Which does make slightly more sense.

Later on that week I was perplexed by an opinion on shops as it came from nowhere, “I hate retailers”. Really? However the actually viewpoint was, “I hate ringtones”, which made far more sense as a phone had been ringing.

So what have you misheard?

Sometimes you need to sing along
Sometimes you need to sing along


  1. My father-in-law to be is from Northern Ireland. He’s also a terrible mumbler, so I spend most of my time smiling and nodding at him because I can’t understand a word he says. I just hope he hasn’t been telling me anything sad or harrowing. Otherwise he probably thinks I’m a heartless witch!


  2. I unfortunately have to admit I watched Liam Neeson’s “The Grey” and at the end of the movie when he is facing a few of the scary, blood thirsty wolves I could have sworn he said “it’s a dare” cause I believed deep down that the wolves were that smart, however, he really said “it’s their lair” :S haha I can’t understand his Irish accent


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