Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Cheesy headline. Check. I am just living up to the nickname one of my friends has bestowed me with – Kamembert. This isn’t your usual introduction it’s a specially crafted one that runs on a like a stream of consciousness (blame James Joyce). Well, it’s my blog and my rules, and I’ll even cry if I want to, like that song whose name escapes me. Back to the actual topic.

One time I took part in a flash yoga session in Trafalgar Square. I thought that was pretty cool until on that same day a friend told me she had just been on the trapeze. The idea of an aerial adventure was thus planted.

OK, so a perfect combination of that very idea along with the skills of digital savvy marketer who booked her birthday celebration with the Gorilla Circus made my acrobatic ambitions a reality.

I’d always wanted to be a Blue Peter presenter as they got to do fun things for a living. Sadly, that was not meant to be. But the cool thing about being a kind-of-proper grown up is that you can pay to do crazy stuff.

In preparation of this heightful* task we were glittered. I had not been expecting to be accosted by the birthday girl who was brandishing a brush. My shock cleverly disguised as giggles. I’m sure there was some magic provided by the blue and gold face sparkle, and thinking about it Simone Biles wore it too. We all know that she is absolutely awesome.

Now down to the actual business of defying gravity. First there was a warm-up with some practicing of moves on the ground. You can clearly see how excited we all are. Then came my moment to not kill myself.

Be monkey
Be monkey

If only I had been able to record my internal dialogue as I climbed up.

There’s a bit of a running theme with the number eight. It seems to be the lucky number when it comes to my mini ecapades. This time (last time was the run) the platform from which I was courageously, if I do say so myself, throwing myself off, was eight metres above ground. Very, very high. Don’t-look-down kind of high. Step by step, up I went with all these “happy” thoughts going through my mind. I needed to show that little nagging ankle-biting voice exactly who’s running the show.

Anyway, the risk wasn’t that great. I was attached with ropes, clips and underneath there was a safety net. It’s probably more dangerous to cross the road or not pay 5p for a carrier bag at the supermarket self check out. Plus I had the support of my A-Team watching as below, most of whom I’d just met.

The A-Team getting ready for action
The A-Team getting ready for action

I did fly!

The instructor shouts directions which you have to immediately react to. This is not as easy as it sounds because it involves you having to let go of one bar and catch another while hanging by your knees. I admit that I did hesitate. But when you’re up there hanging around there is only one way down. I was going to have a flipping good time! Stretch, reach, catch, flip and land. I did it and felt mighty proud after like that time when I won the egg and spoon race at primary school despite having a temperature.

The power of awesome in action
The power of awesome in action

If you’re wondering about the caption on the above photo please see my very scientific explanation below.

Forces of nature
Forces of nature

I’d recommend having a go on the trapeze. It’s thrilling! The next day my abdominal muscles had a few opinions too, mainly sore ones. If you fancy getting out of your comfort zone to remember the feeling of doing something new – go join the circus. It’s too easy to fall into a grey automaton routine.


*No, it’s not a word but work with me here. Shakespeare made stuff up too! Professionally I don’t make up words (unless asked to by a client) as can be seen on my portfolio

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