Doing the pigeon in Trafalgar Square

The pigeon is not only an animal but also a yoga pose which I got to do in Trafalgar Square. It was all made possible when I took part in a flash mob (I’ve ticked that off the old bucket list).

Putting our best feet forward

It was a sunshine filled Sunday afternoon with streams of tourists pouring through the streets plus merry crowds celebrating St Patrick’s Day. That however did not deter my fellow yogis and myself from striking a pose as our instructor bellowed directions through a loudspeaker. It was a pretty unique experience trying to find inner calm in the chaos of Central London.

The biggest challenge wasn’t so much doing the poses but finding the class. Wondering around with a yoga mat I found a couple of others who looked as lost as me, and who were also holding yoga mats. Eventually there was a little group of us, all looking around while checking social media for clues to the exact location of the flash mob. It turned out one person was connected enough to have a number for someone who directed us to right place.

The actual session was pretty fun. There is safety in numbers and being surrounded by others striking the same pose made the experience all the more enjoyable.

A bit of inner calm in the crowds

It would be remiss of me not mention a few benefits of yoga:

Stretched out – Most people spend most of their days hunched over laptops or glued to screens be it a mobile phone or an iPad. We all forget to use our bodies to their full extent. Yoga allows you to stretch out all the knots and tensions that have built up as the lactic acid that causes this is released.

Stress free – Having to pay attention to each pose as you move through a routine will prevent your mind wondering. This focus is a great stress reducer as you learn to ‘be present’ to the moment. There has been research which has found that the happy, love hormone oxytocin increases during practice.

Sleep – Ok, I’m not giving you the science for this one but after a yoga session I always have a great nights sleep. At the risk of sounding like a hippy keeping your mind and body in-synch really does chill you out. Peace and groovy vibes (sorry, couldn’t help but add that).

Well there you go, I spent a Sunday getting all peaced-out. There was a nice gesture at the end of the session, as we were all handed these rather lovely little cards. I wonder if I could love the most mundane of tasks like brushing my teeth?



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