Playing hide and seek with the car

Hide and seek is a great game when you’re a child racing around a playground. In a multi-storey car park it’s just not the same. There’s always the central-locking click trick by which a car can be found, it’s like whistling to call a dog.

Playing hide and seek with a car in a dark field full of Bon Jovi fans all trying to get home is an adventure. My friend ‘the Bon Jovi fan’ and I, had been to Milton Keynes Bowl for a fun night of jumping up and down (me) and singing along to the greatest hits (her). On the way back to the car, the ticket displaying the location of the car was lost and so where we. From one field to the next there was no sign of the car.

After walking around in circles we resigned ourselves to the reception of a hotel. My friend told our tale of our ride home having disappeared into the depths of the night to a couple who were about to check out. They say the best things in life are free and so it was the same for our stay at the hotel. The kind couple gave us their room key.

In the morning we returned to the car park/field and found the car all by itself like a lone cow put out to pasture. I raced towards the car and gave it a hug. Home time!

A pair of passengers without a car standing in a field

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