Are you going my way?

I wanted to use the car so I dropped mum to work. On the way home I was driving along the main road and I saw one of mum’s friends, an aunty waiting at the bus stop. I waved at her and smiled being my friendly self. I was waiting at the red lights and next thing I see in my rearview mirror is the aunty dashing towards me. Eh?

Before you know it, she opens the car door and jumps into the passenger seat. Am I being carjacked? Hold on, this is an aunty who I know.

I look at aunty with a confused expression.

Aunty: I need a lift home.

Me: Erm, I’m going to my friend’s house [Is aunty going to gate crash? And more importantly, where does aunty live? Am I really going her way?]

Aunty: Yep just drop me home.

Note to self: I must always keep the car doors locked at red lights.

If only Aunty lived on Goodenough Road
If only Aunty lived on Goodenough Road


  1. Typical punjabi’s! Lol! I was on a flight back from India and there was me and just a Mr Singh on a three seat row.. When it came to the immigration forms he takes one turns to me and in his hands is his passport and form and all he says is can you fill this for me!! Random! But I not batting an eyelid, took the forms and began filling it in from him asking questions as I went so I could complete the form! I think there is an unsaid rule that you just do it no matter how little you know them! What can i say..thats how we punjabis roll!


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