He was going bananas before the date

One sunny Saturday afternoon City Chick was waiting for the train. As she looked down the platform she saw her old school chum. It had been years since they met.

City Chick: Where are you off to?

School Chum: I’m going on a date. It’s the first time I’m meeting this girl.

City Chick: Good luck.

School Chum: Could you do me a favour? It’s just that I’ve lost my appetite and have this banana in my pocket. I really can’t eat it.

City Chick: Yeh sure OK.

There are many things that make public transport a pain. But there are also a few which make it a good thing like when you can come to the rescue of an old school friend by eating their healthy snack.



  1. You really do have a strange but wonderful knack for earwigging and sharing funny things. It’s what you choose to share and how you tell it, that’s the magic and brings me a chuckle! šŸ™‚ xox


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