Don’t stop for me at the bus stop

It was a late dark night as I waited for the bus to take me home to my cosy bed after a long day at work. I stood waiting patiently, staring into the distance looking for the lights of my trusty bus. All of a sudden I spotted a shadowy figure meandering/stumbling towards me. Uh oh, I thought. The shadowy figure was a rather Merry Chap who had been enjoying a couple of beverages of beer or something of the sort in a nearby pub.

I was hoping that he would keep going and walk past me, leaving me alone to wait for my bus. Nope, that wasn’t going to happen. Merry chap kindly announced: “I’m going to wait for your bus to come and see that you get on it safely.” I smiled politely but was thinking Merry Chap would be pretty useless in a fight as he was just a bit to jolly.

Thankfully the bus arrived not long after. I waved goodbye to my guardian angel Merry Chap – the very same shadowy figure that I had been concerned about. Sometimes, just sometimes what you may think is a threat is actually just a friendly drunk.

A bus for the good times
A bus for the good times

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