How not to get a date on the train

Would a fate meeting lead to a coffee date?
Would a fate meeting lead to a coffee date?

Once upon a time a beautiful City Chick was making her journey back to her castle on the trusty train. It had been a day of drama at the office. The Evil Queen in Accounts had fired City Chick’s favourite office buddy. City Chick was feeling rather blue. The colour drained from her world, the moment she saw her office buddy leave with his carrier bag of belongings. Where was the justice? And who was City Chic going to share her stash of chocolate with?

She was caught in the haze of her thoughts when all of a sudden she looked up and was struck in the face by an image of perfection. Chiseled jawline, glinting green eyes and the kind of perfect hair that adorns Bradley Cooper’s fetching face all presented in a sharp business suit.

City Chick didn’t have the time to type a thousand word description. And there was no way, “well fit” was going to cover it. She had to share her treasured find with her fair maidens using a sneaky photo on her smart phone. She flashed him! Well, not quite, as she pushed her phone down with the flash bouncing off her bag and lighting up the carriage.

She cast her eyes down drowning in a tsunami of embarrassment with a side serving of giggles. She had forgotten to turn the flash off. Rookie error. Handsome Man was sitting close enough to know what she had done. Not only that but a rather moody wench a few seats away was also watching. A fabulous audience. Stupid “smart” phone but on the plus side she started instant messaging her fair maidens with her tale of mischief.

Handsome Man had seen the light but alas he didn’t have the kind of revelation our sweet City Chic wished for. The kind of spark that leads to a swapping of numbers and maybe a coffee date. Handsome Man descended from the train catching the eye of our ‘never-going-to-be-an-under-cover-investigator’ City Chick and there was a wink. There wasn’t a date, this time, but there was an amusing chuckle to be had by our City Chick and her fair maidens. A touch of daily silly is healthy.


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