The overrated neurosurgeon

There’s a competition that exists which makes the Olympics look like a school sports day. Indian aunties run in a league of their own when it comes to who is the best. The most hotly contested topic among them is the respective careers of their children. So here’s one I heard earlier.

Usain Bolt's mum must be very proud
Usain Bolt’s mum must be very proud

Aunty Happy: My son is a brain doctor.

Aunty Lucky: That is so good.

Later on that day Aunty Lucky goes home to give her child a scolding for not pursuing a career in medicine.

Aunty Lucky: Aunty Happy’s son is a neurosurgeon.

Child: Oh really. What did he study?

Aunty Lucky: The brain.

Child: Yes mum he did study the brain but he’s not quite the neurosurgeon that you think he is. His degree is in psychology and he isn’t a doctor.

Keep the gold medals and world records because ultimately nothing can beat a mother’s pride.


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