About me – Hey there

This is me
This is me

My ambition is to inspire others and myself through my writing. The next goal is to spread my wings to reach many more readers using my very own brand of friendly charm writing copy and content.

Qualified as a newspaper journalist the doors of digital media swung open at just the right time. The best bits from my time as a B2B journalist include editing a creative industry internet portal and reporting for Marketing Week. My favourite copywriting campaign was Think Brilliant for CNN. I do love a bit of creativity whether it’s design, marketing or advertising.

Other highlights from my writing career have included sourcing supply chain news stories from Africa, a David Guetta press conference and a one-off ghost piece for the Discovery Chanel.

Why this blog? Well, it’s my little bit of the web where I can master my craft. It’s the link between the rather formal stuff like my CV and me as a person.

Happy reading. x

If you’d like to get in touch for freelance opportunities my email is kamalpreetkb (at) gmail dot com.


  1. Hi Kam

    i know you will have plenty to write about. i love reading your blog! Keep it up

    your friend from hounslow x


  2. Hope you have plenty to write about! And keep the anecdotes coming!! – your U.S. friend.


  3. Hey Kam, Anish here. We met at Angel’s wedding. You sent your blog to Smitty.
    Liking your style! Sorry its taken so long to take a look. Hope its all going well. When’s the book coming out!?


  4. Kam baby, please add share buttons (twitter/ facebook/ etc) to each of your article please as I’d like to share them xxx


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