Safe places – #noban

When I was a naughty little brat the safest place was to dive behind BBG’s (my nan) back to avoid the wrath of my mum. BBG would defend and protect me, all was well in the world.

Mum, BBG and me – safe places

Times have changed. My beloved BBG is on another astral plane. I’m betting that she’s more than likely teaching Prince all about Punjabi giddha (traditional folk dancing).

One thing remains the same, my safe place is still beside loved ones. I have some pretty awesome individuals in my life and being in their company feels like home. Before I start sounding like a complete limpet, I promise I am pretty chill at being on my own – it’s the only way to count sky stars. See I threw in a bit of poetic verbiage. There’s something for nearly everyone here.

Now, excuse my inelegant subject switch but last weekend I found myself in an extreme retweet rage at the latest inane Executive Order from the orange-faced wig-wearing clown in the White House.

By the way, USA if you’re reading this, I strongly suggest you sort yourself the hell out. You are literally jokes.

Back to the point, so I am not going to detail Trump’s insanity as there are more learned and educated individuals writing about his moronic moves.

Instead, I’m going to choose to use my blog for my own personal catharsis, that’s what it’s for right? And to potentially let future clients know of my writing skillz, Hahaha! Kidding about the skillz, there is no z just an s.

Where was I? Are you still reading? Thank you for bearing with.

The events of last weekend made my blood boil. How can you judge someone on their faith alone and their place of birth? This abuse of power is preposterous. I keep thinking that at any minute now something will click us back into a world that is more real. What we are living through now is beyond belief.

Have you ever been bullied? The reason I am mentioning it, is that the travel ban singled out refugees, as well as people of seven nations that are predominately muslim.

Refugees are not illegal immigrants they are the innocent victims of war. How can you shut your door on them? And more to the point, how dare you contravene the Geneva Convention. For those of you who need more explanation like I did, here’s an explainer on the Geneva Convention.

I can’t imagine my blog is going to change the world but who knows? Everything is possible in these hyperreal days.

So, last weekend retweeting wasn’t enough and neither was explaining my upset to loved ones. I found myself looking to help the cause. I put my money where my anger was and donated to the ACLU to fight the wotsit/cheeto “president” on the travel ban among other things.

Quite a few times I’ve sadly had to endure some bitter verbal vitriol. The thing that pained me the most was not the mean diatribe but the audience who watched in silence. They did not defend me or even ask if I was OK after? It’s brilliant as it demonstrated to me everything that I aspire not to be. I have also come to peace with the fact that the perpetrators of the hurtful words were in their own turmoil.

I hope that even in my weakest moments I will be able to defend the innocent and be able to help create a safe place for those in need.

I’d also like to say that I’m more qualified than a president to write for your business or brand as seen here.



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