Everything is super-sized in the USA

The USA does everything big from hamburgers to its natural wonders like the Grand Canyon, and my uncle’s beloved dog Babar. My uncle and Babar live in the sunshine state of California where everyday is bright and sunny.

One happy blue sky filled day I decided to take Babar for a walk. Now Babar wasn’t your average dog, he had presence which he expressed in everything. On our walk Babar was taking his time to move along at a rather majestic speed with his head held royally high. I, however, am used to a London sprint-style walk where speed is of the essence so I was finding it rather cumbersome to be sauntering along.

I decided to have a polite word with Babar to get him to hurry up. This was a mistake as Babar’s response to my encouragement was to stop still and lie down. He refused to budge another step. This is when I found myself at first negotiating and then realising that I would have to actually apologise for trying to push him into walking faster. Once Babar was satisfied that I had expressed enough remorse he got up and we continued on our walk.

The best bit was yet to come as while we were walking a bus pulled up next to me. The door opened and the driver exclaimed: “That ain’t no dog, that’s a horse!” I was left speechless and nodded. The driver then pulled away. I could never imagine a bus stopping to comment on the size of a family dog in London. Babar wasn’t your average sized pet he was a super-sized beloved member of the family and there was no talking down to him.

Babar and my uncle both of whom are about the same size
Babar and my uncle both of whom are about the same size


  1. Aww thats such a nice picture of babar and nana ji! Your ideas are really inspiring, keep going masi x


  2. What an adorable looking rottie! Are u sure he wasn’t taking U for a walk?! That happened to me when I took my bros rottie pup out! Super loving and protective doggies and deffo SUPER sized ;@)


  3. very well done. kamalpreet you really are a great writter. your blog is like a filmy story about babbar. i really liked the blog about your special dear nanny “the mc is silent” and the one about her being fond of healthy eating. please do tell me that the hearts of US people are big too..anyway all your blogs are fantastic. i love it and like it. thanks kamalpreet, god bless you.


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